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Unbelieveable face beat gets people talking all over social media.



Early today, social media was set agog with comments and awe over a stunning change over and work of art, an unnamed make-up artist has wowed people with a stunning work after he worked on the face of a lady with vitiligo.

With the level of makeup, the colour imbalance was corrected with the stellar work on her face leading people to look at the after effect with amazement and counter opinions, while some people saw the transformation as a work of deceit, others saw it as a work done cause she wasn’t bold and happy the way she was, well, majority saw it as pure arts and creative hands. The make up has been seen as atool set to create a lot of mixed emotions specially from the male gender, but even at the increase of make make up foundations and layers, the femake face beat still remains a mystery of double identity if blended properly, this ldy was made stunning as everyone told her so, dropping their critic and thoughts in between….

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